Allée Bleue

Allée Bleue, een mooie geschiedenis

The French Huguenots arrived in the Cape in the late 1600s and settled in what became known as Franschhoek, or ‘French Corner’. The Huguenots planted vines as the terroir was perfectly suited to the production of wine.

Allée Bleue was bought in 1999 by Friedrich-Wilhelm and the late Elke Dauphin, who were determined to breathe new life into the estate.

Dynamic entrepreneur duo Mr Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin and the late Elke Dauphin made their mark in the international corporate market with their sophisticated office furniture and have been passionate about South Africa for many decades.

After purchasing the estate in 1999 the Dauphins consulted with Gundel and Emil Sogor, two talented German artists, to transform the estate, introducing striking works of art that add character to the historic Cape estate.

The Dauphins re-introduced vines to complement the existing herbs and fruits, allowing Allée Bleue to fulfill its long-hidden potential. A new state-of-the-art wine cellar was constructed and with the arrival of winemaker Van Zyl du Toit in 2009, Allée Bleue once again became home to world-class wine.

The Dauphin family are passionate about ensuring Allée Bleue is the ultimate destination in the South Africa.

And wine of course ...

Our winemaker, Van Zyl du Toit, uses the Cape’s climate and ideal soils to produce award-winning wines that are truly representative of the terroir. An intimate understanding of our terroir, careful nurturing of our vineyards and meticulous care taken in our cellar create the magic that is Allée Bleue wines. The uncompromising approach produces a range of internationally award-winning wines with distinct character, carefully crafted to create the perfect drinking experience.

Our Wine Portfolio consists of a tiered range offering extremely good quality and value for money at the various price points .Red & white wines are produced in an entrée level blue label range , a premium white label range , and 3 flagships wine named Isabeau (white blend) , L’Amour Toujours (Bordeaux Blend) and Pinotage .

Allée Bleue Blue Owl Merlot

Allée Bleue Blue Owl Merlot


Rode wijn met 86% Merlot en 14% Syrah uit Zuid-Afrika   Herkomst:   Kustregio Locatie.....

Allée Bleue L'Amour Toujours

Allée Bleue L'Amour Toujours


Herkomst: Banghoek (Ward in Stellenbosch)Boerderij locatie: R45 Franschhoek Valley Wijnma.....

Allée Bleue Pinotage (tijdelijk uitgeput)

Allée Bleue Pinotage (tijdelijk uitgeput)


Herkomst:   Westkaap Boerderij locatie:   Franschhoek Wijnmaker:   V.....