Almenkerk Lace Rosé


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We laten het graag vertellen door de mensen van Almenkerk zelf wink

All the grapes are grown on our Estate. Almenkerk Wine Estate is a registered estate: all our wines are grown, made & bottled on the Estate.

We employ precision viticulture (NDVI photography & satellite imaging) to ensure all the grapes of respective site ripen at the same time.

Picking decisions are made purely on taste rather than analysis. Only when the grapes have achieved the desired ripeness & flavour expression do we pick. Our vineyard team does meticulous sorting in the block to ensure only fully ripe, healthy grapes get delivered to the cellar.

The section of our Cabernet Sauvignon block that yields the grapes for this rosé is cordoned off and treated entirely differently to the red wine grapes from the same block. Our viticulturist leaves longer bearers to give a higher leaf density. This allows the rosé bunches to ripen in the shade, leading to more strawberry & red berries aroma's (compared to the full blackcurrant of the exposed bunches).

Rather than picking the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at full ripeness, we harvest slightly earlier to get the freshness of the natural acidity & lower alcohols in the wine.

Short skin contact (time needed to fill the press) which gives it the light, salmon colour and extracts minimal tannins from the pips.

Once separated from the skins, the juice/wine is made as a white wine, meaning clean, cool fermentations with selected yeasts. In order to obtain the lingering mouthfeel and the slightly savoury character, we allow extended lees contact.

Aromas of ripe strawberries & watermelon follow through on the palate. This rosé is dry & has a savoury finish which makes it a great partner to salads, lightly spicy dishes and herb-spice based cheeses.

This is meant to be a serious rosé, one that shows the proper respect to the category. It is also a throwback to the rosés we used to drink growing up - the south-of-France style, if you will. Rather than being overly fruity or sweet, this wine is more about texture & food pairing.

Alcohol 13%